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Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage 

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When it comes to bodywork, generally there are those who prefer ​deep work, and those who don't. 

If you like deep work, you want a massage that gives you that "hurt so good" feeling while you're on the table, and a "wow, that was awesome" feeling when you get off the table.  My Deep Tissue Massage is firm and specific, yet still soothing and relaxing, a truly satisfying and healing experience.

Not a fan of deep work? You would best served by my Therapeutic Massage, utilizing techniques which employ a lighter touch, uniquely combined to provide a customized treatment that soothes, nurtures and heals.


In either case, my massage treatments are specifically suited to match both the present needs of your body and your own personal preferences.


Why You Need A Massage 

The Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy 

There are sooo many health benefits to receiving Therapeutic or Deep Tissue massage treatments, not the least of which being - it feels good!


These days, massage is more than just self-care, (certainly deserved) it's required maintenance for optimal mental and physical health. A good massage not only relieves your immediate discomfort, but it can also correct chronic physical imbalances and restore peace of mind.  


Everyone responds to massage therapy differently, depending on factors such as age, overall health, and the specific nature of any present ailment.


However it is well documented that most recipients of regular, on-going, massage treatments experience a number of the following results --

  • faster recovery from injuries 

  • improved immune response

  • increased joint mobility 

  • enhanced body awareness

  • reduction of scar tissue

  • release of emotional blockages 

  • physical and mental relaxation 

  • less repetitive strain injury

  • an improved sense of well-being

  • propensity to win the lottery

  • relief from chronic pain  

  • improved circulation

  • reduced inflammation

  • improved posture

  • elimination of toxins

Okay - So I put that last one in there to see if you were paying attention.  But did I mention that massage FEELS GOOD?  So technically, you could feel SO GOOD after your massage that you would be inspired to buy a lottery ticket on the day your numbers come up!​  (I'm just sayin')

Is Deep Tissue Massage Right For You?

What Exactly Is Deep Tissue Massage? 

Deep Tissue Massage utilizes firm, slow pressure to specific points of resistance in the body to break up adhesions (a.k.a. knots) in the connective tissue, (fascia) which surrounds the muscle fibers.  This results in a release of the toxins that were trapped in the adhesion, increased blood flow to the area, and improved elasticity of the tissue; all of which contribute to a significant relief from pain and stiffness, improved mobility, and enhanced sense of well-being . 


Deep Tissue does not have to be painful.  Although some people may experience an increased awareness of tender areas in the body during a session, I use the minimum amount of engagement needed to release the tissue along with continuous communication with my client to keep any discomfort to a minimum.

Conditions That Benefit Most From Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage provides rapid relief from discomfort which originates at deeper levels within the body.  It is especially helpful for chronically tense areas such as stiff necks or shoulders, low back soreness, or tight hips and legs.  In addition, there are number of specific conditions that respond especially well to deep work.  These include:

  • chronic pain  

  • bursitis

  • sciatica

  • whiplash

  • carpal tunnel  

  • tennis elbow

  • sports injuries

  • disc problems

  • headache/migraines  

  • high blood pressure

  • foot & leg cramps

  • plantar fasciitis

  • nerve entrapment 

  • frozen shoulder

  • fibromyalgia

  • shin splints

  • insomnia  

  • arthritis

  • scoliosis

  • tendonitis

If you are not sure whether Deep Tissue is right for you, please contact me and we can discuss your specific concerns.  I am trained or certified in a variety of massage methods, and can integrate various techniques as needed to relieve your pain and restore your sense of well-being.


Call 305-788-0777 to schedule your massage. 

Sessions are provided in my South Miami office, or can be brought directly to your home or business for an additional fee. Sessions may be purchased individually, or in cost-effective packages. Call for session rates and package information.  Gift Certificates are also available for both individual sessions and packages.    ​







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Be sure to sign in at the top of the page for your FREE relaxation audio that you can begin using right away
to help you minimize your stressful reactions to life's everyday challenges.
Sign in at the top of the page for your FREE relaxation audio that you can begin using right away to help you minimize your stressful reactions to life's everyday challenges.

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