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Abstract Horizon
My Mission


To inspire and support those who desire to create a life they love by achieving peace of mind,

vibrant health, joyous creative expression, and material success through a guided, holistic approach to self-awareness and personal empowerment. 

My Story-How I Came To My Perspective On Wellness and Personal Fulfillment

Growing up, I held the same notions about health and sickness that most people in our society still hold today.  Namely, that illness was a "bad thing" which happened when we either didn't take care of ourselves, or we were exposed to a germ or virus, had "bad genes," or were just plain unlucky.  What all of these explanations have in common is that they come from the perspective that our life experience is entirely rooted in our physical bodies, which are at the mercy of external threats.   


Life has taught me that focusing only on the physical level is extremely limiting when it comes to understanding the how and why of health and wellness.  My own wellness journey was initially based on physical practices - daily exercise, healthy diet, and nutritional supplements. I learned the importance of healthy lifestyle choices from the example set by my parents, and I will be forever grateful.  I could not have asked for better role models of how NOT to live a healthy life.


My parents were good-hearted people, whose love and support for me was evident, but they were the epitome of unhealthy living - heavy smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet, no exercise, and watching TV as their primary form of recreation. I watched as they aged way before their time and suffered with poor health for more than the last decade of their lives. I was determined to do things differently.​


Like all of us, my parents did the best they could with the understanding they had.  They desired to live healthier lives, but believed that they just couldn't change, and their actions followed suit.  They also adhered to common beliefs held by many such as "physical decline is inevitable as we age,"  and "the doctor is more responsible for our health than we are."  I do not fault them for their choices. Their experience served to deepen my desire to understand the workings of my own mind and discover for myself the keys to living a happy, healthy life. 


When I learned about the power of our beliefs and their influence upon our health, happiness, and well-being, it totally shifted my understanding of the relationship between the mind and the body.  As I began to question my own limiting beliefs and assumptions, I was able to release my internal struggle in the areas of my life that I had previously felt so challenged to change.  I now believe that no amount of action can overcome the power of our subconscious beliefs.  The good news is that we CAN change our beliefs, and once we do, we are inspired to action that brings the desired results.

The various disciplines, modalities, and philosophies I've studied over the years have lead to great shifts in my understanding of who we are both as human and spiritual beings. I have been most notably impacted by the work of Edgar Cayce, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Ernest Holmes, Charles and Myrtle Filmore, Abraham-Hicks, and the study and practice of Transcendental Meditation, Kripalu Yoga, and A Course In Miracles.   

My journey (which continues today) has shaped not only my understanding of who I am as a person, a teacher, and a healer, but also my understanding of what it really means for anyone to be a successful, happy, healthy, and fully integrated human being.  

Today, I see illness as the inevitable physical representation of an energetic or vibrational imbalance occurring at a deeper mental and emotional level.  This is good news, because we all have the ability to shift our mental focus, and therefore our energetic propensity away from the direction of illness or dis-EASE, and toward well-being, which is our natural state. The releasing of this internal resistance, along with non-invasive therapeutic treatment of symptoms is what frees the body's natural healing capacity to restore equilibrium and inspires us to take actions that promote well-being.


We are ALL "hard-wired for wellness and personal fulfillment."  


Most of us are unaware we hold such power over our own well-being, and not everyone is ready to embrace such a belief.  If you do resonate with this perspective, or are wanting to learn more about it, I offer the transformative and healing modalities of "Sacred Self" Soul Purpose Coaching, Healthy Living Wellness Coaching, Stress Reduction Coaching, Kripalu Yoga Instruction, and Therapeutic Bodywork to help bridge the gap from wherever you may currently find yourself to wherever you would truly LOVE to be in any area of your life.


To Your Most Amazing Life,



Kevin O'Brien

Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher / Certified Holistic Wellness Coach 

Sacred Self Soul Purpose Coach

My Philosophy


Wellness is more than just the absence of illness. It is rooted in the awareness of our spiritual essence as the source of our well-being,  It supports us in bringing the best of who we are into our personal relationships, creative endeavors, and life's work. 


True wellness expresses as a body that feels great; with abundant energy, strength, flexibility, and agility.

It also includes an openness to the presence of love within and without, creative imagination, good humor, positive expectation, and generosity of spirit. 


The body does not lie. What manifests emotionally and physically are indicators of the current state of alignment or misalignment between our limited human perspective and the ever-expanding, spirit or soul aspect of our being. 

Emotional dis-comfort and physical dis-ease are the body alerting us to an energetic imbalance impeding the flow of our own life force. We create these energy blockages when we do not live according to our own true values and in alignment with our Soul Purpose. 


I guide spiritually-oriented practitioners and heart-centered professionals to release their inner resistance, and fully express their true God-given gifts in the service of their own well-being, as well as that of others so that any corresponding issues in their bodies, relationships, finances, and other life circumstances can shift accordingly.

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