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Kripalu Yoga

Focus, Strength, Flexibility, & Balance

Feeling intimidated at the thought of taking an in-person yoga class, where everyone will know what to do except you? Has it been “a while” since your last yoga class, and you've noticed you're not as strong or flexible as you used to be?

My online semi-private Kripalu yoga classes are perfect for beginners or the occasional yogi.

Class size is smaller so I can see you on screen and offer feedback, and you can ask questions as well. You will receive a clear and precise understanding to establish a safe foundation from which to build, rekindle, and deepen your practice.


The Kripalu style of yoga makes the extraordinary benefits of yoga safely accessible to just about anyone of any shape, size, or fitness level.


My classes meet you where you are, and gradually guide you along a path of self-awareness and improvement. You are are encouraged to tune in to your body and practice at an intensity that feels right for you. 

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Kripalu Yoga is designed for all body types, ages, fitness levels, and personal perspectives. 

The Kripalu Approach To Yoga 

The Health Benefits Of Yoga 

Kripalu Yoga, like many styles of yoga is truly a holistic practice, in that it enhances your well-being on every level - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and of course, physically. 


Even if you’ve never participated in a yoga class, you have most likely heard about some of the many health benefits attributed to its practice.  Studies show that practicing yoga even just once a week can result in a number of AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS, including -

AN INCREASE in muscle tone, body strength and resiliency, muscle flexibility, balance and dexterity, endurance, joint mobility, core strength, bone density, lung capacity, heart efficiency, overall energy level, and sense of well-being.

A DECREASE in physical and emotional stress, fatique, chronic pain, excess weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, body toxins, depression, anxiety and irritability.

​IMPROVEMENT in posture, mental focus and memory, body awareness, digestion, organ function, immune functioning, sleep patterns, body image, self esteem, lifestyle choices, social skills, self-awareness and self-actualization.  

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How Is Kripalu Different From Other Styles Of Yoga? 

The Kripalu approach to yoga (and life) is to be fully present to any experience exactly as it is, while remaining open to what is emerging.  The focus is inward, to a direct experience of one's own source of personal power.  To sum it up in 4 words - mindful awareness & compassionate acceptance.


Like most yoga styles and traditions, Kripalu Yoga uses classic postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama) mental focus, meditation, and the practice of relaxation.  


What distinguishes Kripalu Yoga is its emphasis - 

  • honoring the limits of the body while questioning the limits of the mind

  • following the flow of breath (life-force energy)

  • developing witness consciousness (observing physical sensations, emotions, and mental activity without judgment)

  • taking what is learned in one's yoga session, “off the mat” into daily life

Kripalu students are invited to bring the internal qualities of their practice - focus, awareness, curiosity, compassion, intention, clarity, and acceptance - into all aspects of everyday life.  


This results in a more positive outlook, an improved self-image, healthier lifestyle choices, enhanced creativity, more harmonious relationships, and a deeper sense of purpose.

All that from a yoga class?

Yeah. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

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Studies show that practicing yoga even just once a week can result in amazing health benefits.

Online Kripalu Yoga Instruction 

Kripalu Yoga For Rejuvenation

Mondays & Thursdays,
10:30am-12pm EDT

A moderately paced class with lots of warm-ups, emphasizing safety, strength, mindfulness, and FUN, that will leave you feeling 10 years younger!


Perfect for mature, active adults who want to maintain or restore strength, flexibility, and balance while relieving stress and improving mental focus. Beginner to novice practitioners of any age are welcome.

NOTE: Class size is limited to allow for interaction and feedback. Drop-ins welcome as space permits.


Click below for  FREE trial class

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Kripalu Yoga—
In Motion

Wednesdays, 6-7:00pm EDT

With an emphasis on breath, loving presence, and compassionate self-awareness, this class provides a soothing transition from the busy-ness of the day to a more relaxed and replenished state. All ages, sizes, and fitness levels are welcome. No previous experience required.


Improve strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance while calming the mind and releasing stress. Limited class size ensures you will receive the personalized support you need to progress at your own pace.

Give your self some "me time" that will have you sailing through the rest of your week feeling great!



Click below for a FREE trial class 

All Classes are currently held on Zoom.  As a special welcome to new students, your first class is FREE! Click the RESERVE MY SPOT button for the desired class and you will be sent the link to join.  To purchase or renew a class package CLICK HERE

Individual Online
Yoga Instruction

Personalized To Meet Your Goals

Not feeling ready for a group class?  No worries. 

Many of my students prefer to have private sessions when they first begin their yoga practice, and some continue their 1-on-1 lessons indefinitely. This allows them to receive my undivided attention and to have the sessions tailored specifically to their level of experience, current physical condition, and personal wellness goals.

Online sessions are offered on Zoom.  If you are a Miami local, in-person sessions can be arranged at your home for an additional fee. 

To Schedule A Private Online Yoga Session

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