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Honor Your Sacred Self
Create A Life.You Love

Support for healers, teachers, and

heart-centered service providers



Serve Better, Earn More

With WAY Less Effort and Stress


As a Teacher, Healer, or Heart-Centered Professional...

which of the following scenarios best describes you?

























If you relate to one or more of these scenarios

there's a good chance that YOU, my friend, are a "Wounded Healer." **

Being a wounded healer in itself is not the problem.  It's when we use the satisfaction we get from helping others as a substitute for our own self-care that it becomes a problem. That's when our life's work becomes a lot more work and a lot less life.  We simply cannot help enough people to make up for what we feel is lacking inside of us. And when we try - we suffer; and so do those we love, as well as those we serve. 

Fortunately you CAN brake the habit of "giving til it hurts." It takes practice and it takes support.  That's where I come in. I too was a "serial server" and "reluctant receiver."  Thankfully, after years of inner work and spiritual practice, I have traded struggle for stability; and self-sacrifice for self-empowerment.


It is now my mission to help other good-hearted, well meaning, extremely gifted, yet completely burnt-out and dissatisfied people (like you perhaps?) to do the same. My programs are designed to lead you to your own Inner Source of infinite wisdom, endless energy, and unlimited creative self-expression.

To what I call—your Sacred Self.


It seems counter-intuitive, but to have the greatest impact on others 

You must put your-SELF first.

Your Sacred Self.

So YOU, and Those You Serve, Can Thrive. 

Let Me Show You How













**Wounded healer is the term Carl Jung coined to refer to someone who, having benefited from doing the inner work to heal their own childhood emotional wounds, then feels called to assist others along their journey of healing and self-discovery. Although Jung used the term specifically in reference to psychoanalysts, it now more generally applies to anyone who serves in the capacity where they can comfort, uplift, and help alleviate the suffering of others. This would apply to those in helping professions such as health care, wellness, ministry, teachers, coaches, caregivers, public servants, to name a few. As well as those who care for others in a non-vocational way, as do parents, adult children, other family members, and community volunteers.

Wellness Coach

True wellness requires being open to the presence of love within ourselves, to support us in bringing our most authentic selves into the world. 

Invest In Your Sacred Self
Virtual Programs & In Person Services

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Healthy Living 

Wellness Coaching


Now more than ever, we must tune to

and make our decisions from the True Source of wisdom and inspiration within ourselves.

Meet Kevin

Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher

Sacred Self Soul Purpose Coach

I help caring professionals like you to release struggle, restore inner-balance and stability; so you can do the work you love without depleting your energy or diminishing your worth.


I too, love using my gifts to serve others, but for the first half of my twenty-five years as a bodyworker and yoga teacher, I was over-delivering, overcommitting, and under-earning.  


I thought a life of service required putting the needs of others before my own. I believed "someday" I'll be rewarded for all of my hard work.  But I had to ask myself, "If I was doing so much good in the world, why wasn't I happy?"


In answer to that question, and as the result of my spiritual practices, the study of mind-body connection, metaphysics, and moments of expanded consciousness, I became aware of the presence of what I call my "Sacred Self."


By embracing my own Inner Source of love and wisdom, I've learned to trust my intuition, heal my body, release addictions, own my self-worth, and create a joyful, more balanced life; doing the work I love, with an ever increasing income.

This source of True power exists within you, too. I'd be honored to assist you on your journey of creating a life and life's work you truly LOVE.


You Are MORE Than You Think You Are.


Everything you need to experience love, harmony, clarity,

purpose, and fulfillment is already inside of you.


Perhaps you already believe this, but if you're not TRULY living it,

then you may need support in deepening that connection and putting it into practice.


Or maybe this idea is new to you, and even a little "out there",

but still you resonate with the message.


My programs are designed to assist you, no matter where you may be along your journey

to self-awareness, self-empowerment, and awesome self-expression.



You CAN create a balanced, healthy, joyful life

AND fulfilling, meaningful, lucrative work that you truly LOVE.

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Outdoors Yoga Class

A better feeling life can begin only after you have decided to make a commitment to Invest

in your own Well-Being.​

Abstract Horizon
woman in seated twist-living room.jpeg

Kripalu Yoga
For Rejuvenation

Mon. & Thurs. 10:30am EDT


A moderately paced class with lots of warm-ups, emphasizing safety, strength, mindfulness, and FUN. Perfect for beginners and novice yogis. You'll leave feeling 10 years younger!

90 minutes.

Price varies by class package.


Kripalu Yoga— 
In Motion

Wednesdays 6-7 pm EDT Ongoing

A soothing transition from the busy-ness of the day to a more relaxed and replenished state; with an emphasis on breath, loving presence, and compassionate self-awareness.

60 Minutes

Price varies by class package.


Release Anxiety,
Heal Your Body,
Revive Your Joy for Living

Saturday, Sept 16, 11AM-12:30PM or Monday, Sept. 18, 7-8:30PM (EDT)

Discover the true source of your stress, learn to release its harmful effects, and no longer feel the victim of fear, worry, and anxiety. A life changing event!

yng blk man-in grass.jpg

From Stressed To Blessed-The Keys to Peaceful Living

Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 23 & 24

1-3 PM (EDT)

Experience two of the most powerful, proven methods to release anxiety, and cultivate peace, clarity, and well-being; no matter what may be happening in your life or the world.  Discount Price: $ 65.00


Meditation Made Easy- A Simple Method That Works

Saturday, Sept 23, 1-3 PM (EDT)

Part-1 of "From Stressed To Blessed"

Learn my simple, "No-Brainer" meditation technique to relieve stress and improve your health. Includes guided audio for continued practice. Price: $45

yng-f-red top-in field-crop.jpg

The RELEASE Practice - 7 Steps To Emotional Freedom

Sunday, Sept, 1-3 PM (EDT)

Part-2 of "From Stressed To Blessed"

An introduction to the RELEASE Practice, a 7-step process designed to guide you from worry, or anxiety, to a state of calm and clarity. Price: $45

Weekly Online Yoga Classes 

Online Workshops & Upcoming Events

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

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Practising Yoga

Class Packages, Online Courses & Gift Certificates

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Online Yoga Class Packages

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Online Programs & Workshops

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Massage & Yoga Gift Certificates

Healthy Habits

In order to become the person you want to be, you have to stop believing the story of the person you think you have to be.​


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