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Individual & Group Coaching

Clarity, Vision, Accountability, & Support

Are you ready to create a vision for your life that is aligned with your Divine purpose, while being supported in utilizing your mind, body, and spirit to bring that dream into fruition? 


Would you like to release the self-judgements, fear, and defenses that keep you playing small;

and open to your heart's true calling?


My programs can save you years of struggle as you create a Success Mindset and take decisive action, inspired from your Sacred Self and supported by the leverage of Universal Principles.

Discover how it is 100% possible to achieve the balanced, healthy lifestyle; fulfilling and meaningful work, and financial success you truly desire. Experience a peace and stability that will open doors to the life you have always imagined, but had never truly believed was possible - until now. 

Outdoor Meditation

If you KNEW you couldn't fail, what would you choose to BE, HAVE, or DO with your life?

Coaching Programs

"Sacred Self"Coaching
Purpose, Passion, Joy, & Abundance

Is your journey of personal or professional growth plagued with self doubts and patterns of self-sabotage that keep you from achieving your deepest desires? Have years of struggle made you question ever finding true fulfillment?

It's time to leave your self-defeating patterns behind, once and for all, and step into the AMAZING life of your "Sacred Self,"  the self that you were truly born to be.​

The Sacred Self Coaching Program is designed to bring you to the realization that what you've been searching for has been inside YOU all along, waiting for this very moment.

Your "mistakes, problems, and excuses" live only in your mind and are COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to your present ability to be who you've always wanted, do what you've always hoped, and have what you've always dreamed.

I'll show you how to step out of the "story" of your past and step into the power and freedom of knowing you can, will, and now ARE living the life of your dreams.

Start living your most amazing life now!
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Healthy Living

Wellness Coaching

Create A Body That Looks & Feels Great

No matter what our specific wellness goals may be - losing weight, getting in shape, healing a condition, or improving life/work balance,  we all share one common desire.  We all want to feel better IN our bodies and ABOUT our bodies.


If you've tried to improve your health before and failed, you're not alone.  It's hard to change life-long habits. The problem is not with the body.  The challenge is in overcoming both the mental resistance to change and the emotional attachment we have to our unhealthy habits.  That's where I come in.

The Healthy Living Coaching Program will guide you to a new understanding of the impact of your thoughts on your body's appearance and well-being.  You'll receive the practical tools and expert support you need to move towards your wellness goals rather than trying to "fix" your problems.


The results will be startling. Not only will you definitely be living the healthier life you envisioned, you'll feel energized, empowered, and enthused along the way.


This isn't just about changing your body, this is about changing YOU.

Start living your healthier life now!
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Only YOU can decide how you will move through life.  Will you skip, dance, crawl, or stall?

Kevin has made it easier for me to take 100% responsibility for my life and generate the experience of wellness and abundance from within.  His insight, sensibility, and loving spirit have been an absolute blessing to me.  I am now clear that regardless of circumstances; we can change our lives and open up to well-being effortlessly. 

Clarines Valenzuela



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