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Life Is Supposed To Feel Good!

Stress is a sign that you've lost touch with your "Sacred Self", the inner guidance that always calls you to balance, well-being, and personal fulfillment.  Chronic stress will affect your self-esteem,

your health, your relationships, and job performance. You don't have to tolerate stress to the point that you are in emotional or physical pain.

Life IS supposed to feel good, and with the proper support, restoring balance, well-being, and joyful satisfaction to your life is easier than you might think.  Read more about my life-enhancing services below, and together we'll create the right and perfect wellness solution for you.



To Your Most Amazing Life,



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I specialize in helping busy people like you to release stress, heal pain, & create a body and life you LOVE.

Coaching Programs

"Sacred Self"  
Soul Purpose Coaching

Purpose, Passion, Joy, & Abundance

Do you question what you want in life, or struggle to find what has meaning for you?  Has your dream become hostage to fear and sabotaged by self-doubt?  Do you know you're capable of so much more, but you're not sure how to get unstuck?

You MUST replace the old story that stops you from believing in yourself and achieving your desires.   Let me show you how to focus your mind in a way that empowers you, connects you to your True Source of inspiration and guidance, and attracts every resource you need to reach your goals.


It's never too late to follow your HEART'S DESIRE, clarify your VISION and chart a PLAN for your success. Your actions can be infinitely more fruitful, and the journey to your goal will be a lot more FUN!


Healthy Living Wellness Coaching

Love How You Feel In Your Body, About Your Body, & About Yourself

Are you unhappy with the way your body looks or feels? Have you given up on losing weight, or getting in shape, pretending it doesn't bother you, but you know you hate yourself for it?


Or maybe you've noticed an increase of aches and pains, and a decrease in your energy, strength, flexibility, or balance. You're frustrated by the notion that "this is just what happens as we age."

It doesn't have to be this way.  Our bodies offer us constant feedback on what we do with them, what we put into them, and most importantly, what we think about ourselves. 


I can show you how to create a "Wellness Mindset" that supports your new habits, reduces your inner struggle, and ensures a NEW and HEALTHIER You.

Meditation &

Stress Reduction

Restore Peace, Clarity and Focus

Are you feeling mentally overwhelmed, physically tense,  or emotionally drained? 

Do you sometimes turn to other coping mechanisms like alcohol, drugs, food, TV, or the internet?  Would like to calm your mind and bring balance to your life so you can release your unhealthy habits and reclaim your self-esteem and personal power?

By gaining a new understanding of the cause of your stress, you can release the attention you may unknowingly give to worry, anxiety,  or fear, and instead choose thoughts which empower you. 


Learn to recognize and diffuse the emotional and physical effects of stress before they escalate into more serious health concerns with proven techniques to help reduce and even eliminate your stressful responses for good.


Stress Reduction & Kripalu Yoga

young guy-cobra-bedroom copy.jpg

Online Kripalu Yoga Instruction

Release Tension & Stress   

Gain Strength, Flexibility, & Balance 

Are you feeling tight, stiff, or sore? Perhaps a bit more cranky or less focused than usual?


Have you talked yourself out of trying yoga because you think you’re too out of shape, or too old, or too inflexible to start a yoga practice?​

With Kripalu yoga, you can develop a stronger, healthier, more flexible body, while gaining a deeper level of self-acceptance and self-appreciation.  


Learn to calm your mind and to trust your own inner wisdom as you connect to your body in a whole new way.  Feel the joy of combining conscious movement with breath, enhancing your ability to perceive your body as the vessel for your awesome spirit.


Group Classes and Private Instruction Available 

Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage

Free Your Body From Tension & Pain

Do you have ​chronic physical pain, stiffness, or muscle soreness that limits your ability to work effectively or to participate in the activities you enjoy?​

Relieve the discomfort of physical stress and trauma with a Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massage.  Pain, tension, and stiffness are kneaded away, promoting a deeper release of mental resistance and a restoring of emotional well-being. 


After just one session you will feel a profound relief from pain, and a deep sense of peace.  After several sessions, you may even experience the release of chronic discomfort you have carried for years.


Deep Tissue Massage

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