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Meditation Made Easy - A Simple Method That Works

Class Price


Class Length

2 Hours

Saturday, December 5, 1-3 PM

Learn a simple daily meditation technique and its amazing benefits to relieve stress and improve your health.

About The Class

Meditation is THE cornerstone of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It's numerous health benefits are well documented -

Reduced stress, tension, and physical pain. Improved mood, clarity and mental outlook.
Enhanced immunity and healing capacity. Increased creativity, inspiration, and intuition.

Receive everything you need to begin and develop a daily meditation practice. This easy program includes live instruction PLUS audio and video downloads that will continue to guide you as you practice every day.

NOTICE - Although this program is a stand alone class, it is also the first day of the "From Stressed To Blessed" 2-Day Workshop. If you you'd like to include the Day 2 Program, "The RELEASE Practice", (And Save $25) click the "Back To All Courses" button at the bottom and select the "From Stressed-The Key To Peaceful Living" 2-Day Workshop.

Download  your free relaxation audio
to instantly
calm your mind
and ease stress.




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