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The RELEASE Practice - 7 Steps To Emotional Freedom

Class Price


Class Length

2 Hours

Sunday, December 6, 1-3 PM

An introduction to the RELEASE Practice, a 7-step process designed to guide you from a resistant state of worry, fear, or anxiety, to a more allowing state of calm and clarity.

About The Class

The RELEASE practice is a 7-step process you can use to shift your emotional state from worry, fear, or anxiety to one of peace, calm, or even joy and excitement. Each of the seven steps is a therapeutic, life-enhancing skill in itself, but when used together in sequence the steps become a shortcut from stress to sanity. Over time and with practice they serve as a self-guided road map to emotional well-being.

This workshop will introduce you to the 7 steps and guide you through their use; empowering you to shift yourself out of any unpleasant emotional state.

You'll gain a new understanding of the cause of your stress, and release the attention you unknowingly give to negative thoughts. You will never experience "stress" the same way again.

OPTIONAL - Although this program is a stand alone class, it is also Day 2 of the "From Stressed To Blessed" 2-Day Workshop. If you you'd like to include the Day 1 Program "Meditation Made Easy" (And Save $25) click the "Back To All Courses" button at the bottom and select "From Stressed To Blessed-The Key To Peaceful Living" 2-Day Workshop.

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